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"I am turning 2020 into the most abundant year yet in every respect - financially, socially, mentally, physically and emotionally. I have promised myself to maintain this positive flow of energy through my body. This is my personal best state ever and I am absolutely loving it. The bracelets are helping me to be positive and radiate love all day everyday for myself and others" - Mariah Thomas 
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 Confidence and Love Bracelet Stack (3 Bracelets): Sweet and comforting energies of Rose Quartz, emotional healing from Rhodonite and grounding and stabilizing energy of the Black Onyx.

($39.95 Value)

 Positive Change Bracelet Stack (2 Bracelets): Free yourself from your emotional blockages and live in the moment with positivity and courage.

($39.95 Value)

 FREE BONUS #1: 10 Minute Binaural Beats Music at Alpha and Theta Wave Frequencies

($14.95 Value)

 FREE BONUS #2: 4 Volume Guided Meditation for Healing (MP3 Audio AND PDF Formats)

($9.95 Value)

 FREE BONUS #3: Empty Mind Meditation (E-book)

($9.95 Value)

 Free Shipping Worldwide

($7.95 Value)

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Total Cost = $122.70 BEFORE 65% OFF TODAY ONLY

Your Cost: ONLY $39.95

Why You NEED This!

Beaded together by the pillars of healing stones, with each individual stone possessing its unique healing properties and vibrational frequency. The bracelets use stones with particular energy properties to subtly improve the wearer's life and health. In theory, the negative energy leaves the wearer and becomes trapped in the bracelet. Positive energy emanates from each of the stones.

  • 1. POSITIVE CHANGE BRACELET: Free yourself from your emotional blockages and live in the moment with positivity and courage, with this bracelet stack that has Unakite, Picture Jasper, and Carnelian natural stones.
  • 2. CONFIDENCE AND LOVE BRACELET STACK: Set yourself to feel the sweet and comforting energies of Rose Quartz and Rhodonite as well as the grounding and stabilizing energy of the Black Onyx.

Receive 3X FREE Bonuses When You Order Today!

FREE BONUS #1: Binaural Beats Music
 Binaural beats are claimed to induce the same mental state associated with a meditation practice, but MUCH MORE QUICKLY!!
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • ​Increase Focus and Concentration
  • Lower Stress
  • Increase Relaxation
  • ​Foster Positive Moods
  • ​Promote Creativity
  • ​Help Manage Pain
FREE BONUS #2: Guided Meditation for Healing (MP3 Audio and PDF)
 Take Control Over Yourself & Your Life!!
  • Meditation slows down brain wave activity and subdues stress all the while triggering human growth hormones (HGH). HGH helps regulate your metabolism, stimulate fat cells to reduce the amount of stored fats, promote protein synthesis in cells, and play a role in regulating your blood sugar.
  • ​Meditation helps calm the adrenals and allow them to rest, relieving them from over-producing cortisol — the stress hormone — which has a devastating effect on your thyroid function and the ability to lose weight.
  • Meditation takes your endocrine system out of a state of high alert. Hormonal secretion becomes regulated and all of your hormonal systems — thyroid, adrenals, sex hormones etc — have an opportunity to come back into balance and restore your soul.
  • Meditation alkalizes your system, balancing out acidity that has accrued through the overactivity of your analytical mind and the fear-based thinking that generates stress hormones.
  • ​Meditation decreases inflammation at the cellular level neutralizing acidosis and minimizing pain.
FREE BONUS #3: Meditation Mastery - Empty Mind Meditation (eBook)
 Let your mind arrive at a purified state, free of defilement...
  • Go beyond a purely spiritual tool and learn to use Meditation to actually help you become a powerhouse at work and a magnet that attracts good things into your life. It starts when you understand these specific techniques….
  • ​This is the state in which we arrive very easily when we are kids, and this state we tend to, not 'lose' because it can't be lost, but postpone or forget about it and stop applying it. This book will help you stop such procrastination and reach the empty mind state fast.
  • ​You become able to enter higher meditations easily and remain in them.
  • Allow yourself to give your fullest attention and act on single activity to the best of your ability. Be it eating, breathing, sawing, reading, talking, or having sex.
  • Master the techniques to reach these higher states and empty your mind quickly.

As a way of saying thank you to lifestyle improvement seekers across the world, we've decided to include three additional free gifts when you order today!

The 7-chakra bracelet is going to improve your confidence and everyday performance. The binaural beats music helps you improve your brain's restful state. With the brain is calm and rested, your performance is sure to improve significantly.

The guided meditation helps you achieve a state of higher consciousness and help you manage stress and anxiety.

‘Empty Mind’ is the primary goal of most meditation programs. It has the benefit of clearing your mind of all thoughts whether good or bad. In the absence of thought, there can be no resistant thought or negative emotions within you which is what stands in the way of you getting things you want.

We congratulate you on taking a big step towards your health goals! 

A brain for DIY projects like this dice roller!
It's simple! Just follow our step-by-step training that is included with this limited time bundle and you will be building projects THE SAME DAY!
Why are others loving the bracelet so much...
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"I am always a bit worried when I purchase bracelets on-line, you are never sure of the quality. I have to say that I am beyond pleased with my bracelet stack. These are absolutely beautiful and the pictures on the website do not do the sets justice. I have received numerous compliments on these bracelet sets and wear these with pride. Thank you very much for such a beautiful product."
- Ermelinda J.

"This bracelet pairing is stunningly beautiful. Love the weight of them, and the "warm" feel! They're Beautiful!" - Regina Viana

"I bought these for my two daughters. They love them. Love the physical and spiritual feel from the bracelet stacks. ❤️" - Lori DaHaven

"I Feel Nice Positive vibes and Confidence When I Wear These Bracelets....The Feeling is Just Ecstatic. Immediately!"

“TWO bracelets, I constantly get positive comments, and I also use them for that instant pick-me-up during the course of the day.”- Cynthia Delgado

"This bracelet set I love the colors and the energies from each stone. Thank you so very much and happy wearing my bracelet sets everyday.... as they go with every outfit." -  Pamela F.

"Love it, smart dress wearable and casual, quiet a conversation starter."  - Louretta Sybert

"I’m loving it! I actually wear it together with my positive change bracelet.. :). I love the benefits of having these beautiful, unique bracelets. I have already ordered twice, and probably will again soon!" - Karyn Thomas

“I’m a lot smarter and more capable than I gave myself credit for. Before, I was a nervous wreck and this has surely helped in boosting my confidence. The difference is a welcomed and celebrated relief. I am confident in sharing my capabilities with people around me.” ✌- Mariana Romero

"Beautiful set of bracelets - I wear them everyday to remind myself to be positive and radiate love for myself and others!!" - Robin Goodwin

"Was worth the wait i really love them alot of ppl ask me where i got them .. will be ordering more real soon ."
 - Tara Vasques

You Will Love the Energy These Bracelets Bring Out!!

"Love this set, the quality is great. I absolutely feel the difference when I wear them. I feel positive, happy, hopeful." - Katie Brown

"I am wearing my Positivity Bracelet with this.
Absolutely love these bracelets.
I feel them working 😊" - Teresa Reis

What you're going to get...
Total Cost = $122.70 BEFORE 65% OFF TODAY ONLY

Your Cost: ONLY $39.95

Improve Your Lifestyle With These Natural Stones!

  • UNAKITE: helps to overcome grief and is effective in aiding to appreciate the present moment while accepting the experiences of the past.
  • ​PICTURE JASPER "SUPREME NURTURER": Keeps your immune system healthy and promotes healthy lungs, alleviate skin disorders and is helpful with allergies.
  • ​CARNELIAN: Helps you restore vitality, motivation, and stimulate creativity.
  • ROSE QUARTZ: brings comfort, radiates love, tenderness and allows a connection with Universal Love.
  • RHODONITE: allows you to let go and heal the emotional wounds of the past. It helps to come to terms with love and with oneself.
  • ​​BLACK ONYX: A powerful protection stone, Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. 
Frequently Asked Questions
I feel low and lacking energy, is this bracelet for me?
Yes. For the chakra bracelet wearer, it can help keep the 7 chakra components set to their correct energy level. The 7 chakra healing bracelet wearer will absorb the energy from the natural stones to balance the corresponding chakra that each stone of the color supports. They are for getting rid of any negative energy that may be in blocking the incoming positive energy.  There could be a sign in your life that perhaps your chakras are out of balance. There are 7 chakras we mainly focus on in the body and if one or more goes out of alignment, a specific dysfunction could trigger anything from mentally, physically and emotionally. The natural stones with focus on all the chakras can help clear any unwanted negative energy.
What do the chakras really mean?
Chakra means in Sanskirt “wheel of spinning energy”, a chakra is like a spinning vortex, whirling and a powerful energy force that inside our bodies. Chakras are the energy centers. Human body has 7 such energy centers (chakras).  The energy constantly is flowing through us. 
Can I wear this on my left hand?
Yes of course! You can wear your 7 chakra healing bracelet on either hand and that will fine, as the bracelet's healing properties come from the stones.
Can I wear it even if I feel I don't need chakra healing?
Sure. Even if you feel that everything is going well for you, the bracelet will only add to your fashion statement. It will only bring positive impact in your everyday life.
Are the stones natural?
Yes. The stones are natural.
Can both men and women wear it?
Of course! This is unisex. Both men and women can wear this beautiful bracelet and align their chakras. They both will have similar impact of getting positive impact from the natural stones with focus on all 7 chakras.
How many beads are there in the bracelet?
There are 22 beads in the bracelet. There are 2 golden separators in the bracelet between the tiger's eye beads and the 7 chakra balancing beads.
How big is the chain size or how big is the bracelet itself?
The full bracelet by itself is about 20 cm in circumference. This is without stretching. The elastic string helps in stretching and smooth wearing and removal from your wrist.
How big is each bead?
The size of the beads is 8 mm, slightly larger than the peas, which is equivalent to a sphere with a diameter of 0.32 inches.
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